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About The Feeder Service


One of Mahoney’s Co. aims was and still adding new values to its services and since Mahoney’s Co. policy intended to keep its services and reputation as strong as it starts another value which was added at the year 2000; It was “Feeder service”.. More



Since Mahoney’s Co. had been established at 1946 the marine services were the major activity for it offered for all vessels calling Alexandria port.Through years of transition and development Mahoney was an official representative..More



Since Mahoney was established, the marine services was its main activity such as Importing labors for discharging and loading operations for American flag vessels that was served by the company, Tug Boats service to serve ship’s handling .. More

Current situation


A steady growth in the trade being transported between Cairo and the major Egyptian sea ports, almost all of these cargoes are being transported by road. And since Egypt is one of the most promising emerging economies,.. More


Logistics has been used to describe all the activities involved in securing, the right type of material, in the right quantity, to the right locations, at the right time, and for the right cost,..


Quality assurance, total quality, and excellence model, all those models of management play important roles in the new world of business and its increasing requirements,..


On 1 July 1998, the ISM (International Safety Management) Code became mandatory under the international convention for the Safety Of Life At Sea (SOLAS) and..