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Since Mahoney's Co. had been established at 1946 the marine services were the major activity for it offered for all vessels calling Alexandria port.

Through years of transition and development Mahoney was an official representative and a protecting agent for characters and shipping lines, with by reached a very well known position at the marine services in Egypt.

At the year 2000, Egypt started a new revolution of development based on the idea of privatization, and since the privatization reached the Shipping Agencies also, Mahoney’s Co. had a wider scope to practice its real marine services as an Agency instead of being a representative for its clients.

Mahoney’s Co. as an agency presented and still presenting first class Agency Service for all types of vessels: Container Vessels, General Cargo Vessels, RO/RO Vessels, Lash Vessels, and Bulk carriers.

In this way, Mahoney’s Co. is holding a commitment to provide clients a unique Agency Service.


Mahoney's Agent List

As a shipping agent, Mahoney plays a very effective role as an agent for several lines

Mahoney as a Liner Agent

Waterman Steamship

Mahoney as a Feeder Service Agent

An agent at Port of Damietta , Alexandria , Port Said “ East / west “ , Inter-Egypt 2 & Egypt-East Med 1 Services

Unimed Feeder Services (UFS)

Mahoney as a Tramp Vessels Agent

An agent for mega charters who serves their tramp trade from and to Egyptian Ports