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Since Mahoney was established, the marine services was its main activity such as Importing labors for discharging and loading operations for American flag vessels that was served by the company, Tug Boats service to serve ship’s handling operations and to transport the crew of the vessels at anchorage area, Barges to lighten the vessels tonnage at the anchorage area before its berthing alongside the piers, and Tug Boats specialized for the towages operations (To tow barges from vessels to piers and vise versa).. etc.

When ever it comes to Container Lashing & Unlashing, Cargo Securing, Cargo Lightning Operations, Harbor Towing, Boat Attendance, Motor Boat Services,.. etc, you can count on Mahoney to provide you with the perfect service.

Now and after all these years of development, improvement and success we are proud to present these services and extra with high techniques and perfection.

Towing Services

General Towing

Towing is a very competitive business these days, but with Mahoney tug boat’s fleet you can feel safety upon your towed units, and your goods.

Mahoney’s tugs fleet and well trained staff are able to present professional towing services for clients insuring quality, safety and security according to international standardizations.

Since Mahoney was and still known for professional towing operations with its owned equipments, it can also handle integrated operations through outsourcing with business partners under its control and full supervision, to maintain the standard of quality and safety to its clients.

Towing of Lash Barges

Since 1976 and with appearance of Barges Carriers “Sea Bee, LASH, Bacat Systems”, and while the cause of those system techniques was to minimize stay periods for the vessels at ports and to deliver cargoes to unreached areas using river, channel ways, etc…. The demand of Tug Boats operation created accordingly, and was a must to ensure this service in a proper way.

Mahoney was the first Tugs operator who started this challenge in Egypt to present a new value added to the shipping market and to integrate with LASH operators to provide safe operation.

Our tug boats perform the whole process to the barges starting from receiving stage for mother vessels passing by all movements among various berths to handle cargo, then handling operation, then fleeting those barges in port’s storage areas till redelivery to mother vessels again.

Barging Services

You can feel confident with Mahoney handling your cargo.

Our barge’s fleet of 1200 dwt each enables us to handle all shipments large or small.

Mahoney can provide lightning for bulk cargo in anchorage area or transshipment concept to other vessels using classified sea going huge barges

Project cargo has a very good opportunity with our barges as it could be shipped direct from vessels into barge and sail safely direct to the discharging destination either in port at sea or river, in addition the advantageous dimensions of Mahoney barges which suits the big units of project cargo.