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River Transportation

Current situation

A steady growth in the trade being transported between Cairo and the major Egyptian sea ports, almost all of these cargoes are being transported by road. And since Egypt is one of the most promising emerging economies, its greater Cairo area which includes Giza, and industrial zones in the 6th of October city, 10th of Ramadan city, Helwan, and Shubra el Khayma remains the focal point of its increased economic activity.


A plan to establish seven additional industrial areas around Cairo, some of these districts will be centers for small and medium industries. It was expected to hold about 1000 factories before the year 2017.

The trade between the city and these areas will be fast and reliable by reviving the Nile’s ancient role, and once again make full use of this unique natural resource as the ideal medium for cargo transportation.


Mahoney’s Co.  long history using the Nile for carrying project cargoes to the dedicated terminals of huge factories lying along side the river encouraged Mahoney’s Co. to expand this service through operating a series of sea going / river pushed barges and pushers to perform higher service quality for transporting various commodities and containers from the Egyptian sea ports Alexandria, Damietta, and Port Said to Cairo, and Upper Egypt through the Nile.

Meantime Mahoney is in process of preparedness and updating its river fleet to meet the new demand of river container feeder service.