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Logistics has been used to describe all the activities involved in securing, the right type of material, in the right quantity, to the right locations, at the right time, and for the right cost, delivered with the right tailored services required by the buyer. Organization, thus one of Mahoney’s Co. main tasks was to represent the most modern face of transportation logistics and to keep balancing of the costs and risks related to the holding of inventory against the costs of transport and ordering.

Our sea freight services offer various options including transit loads, refer loads, heavy lifts, RO-RO services and break-bulk services consolidations, and whether general or perishable, no cargo is too large or too small to receive our personalized round – the – clock service.


General Policy & Objectives

Mahoney’s Co. policy is to maintain a quality system in accordance with ISO 9002. Manufactures are under increasing pressure to deliver goods faster and economically, they need a very reliable, and friendly shipping, travel, transport, forwarding, warehousing etc, at the best and most competitive price.

Thus, we provide an efficient Service, cost effective, quality service for customers that meet with their needs, expectation and shipping regulatory requirements.

Strategy & Operations

Mahoney’s Co. Strategy is committed to service excellence cause quality is basically our top-most priority. We have employed innovation and dynamism to meet the needs and trends of the maritime industry.

With this strategy, we guarantee our customers a competitive advantage and maximum value added.

Mahoney’s Co.  Operations and Business Activities manage the interfaces relating to delivery of goods between suppliers, transport operators, and customers, ensuring the preparation, labeling, cleaning, sorting, and arranging in compliance with requirements and regulations.

Also organizing the handling and inspecting of goods at the points of loading, unloading, delivery and unpacking, and of course ensuring the completeness of the documentation (depending on the contract terms used), and safety requirements to cover the entire supply chain.

Logistics Vision

The world of Logistics is currently being subjected to major changes driven by Internet Technology and demands for faster and more efficient transportation of products with more added services. In other words, prices and specifications are being fully available to everyone, anywhere in the world, via the internet.

This means that the only way a company can differentiate itself from another is by adding services that the customers find useful and attractive.

We are strongly aiming to meet the challenges of global trade by creating innovative solutions and provide quality service for optimum PARTNERSHIP with local and international traders, freight forwarders, shipping specialists, ship agents, and all professions that have connection with the shipping business.