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Quality assurance, total quality, and excellence model, all those models of management   play important roles in the new world of business and its increasing requirements, also it signifies a path that leads a firm to its position in the market.

This is why our firm decided to join the trail and develop its quality management system to fulfill the international standards ISO 9001:2015 requirements.

Due to the increasing competition, Mahoney’s Co.  took the decision to be a leader in the Egyptian market.

The goal

Was to enhance its management system according to international standards.

The start

was at July 1996 when the company was certified as a holder for ISO 9002 certificate, putting itself in the line with other international companies.

Then in 1999 when the ISM code was issued by IMO organization, the company was keen to be the first in line to apply the code and habilitated its workers on shipboard or office to be certified before the year ends.

Achievement Process

  1. A clear objective set by Mahoney’s Co. leaders gives a powerful beginning point to enhance the services offered to customers and reach the highest level of customer satisfaction by understanding the customer needs and expectation.

  2. Our ability to engage all resources and activities in a form of process makes it easier to manage and clearer to set a continual improvement plan.

  3. Mahoney’s Co.  quality management system comprises the core and support process, which take inputs and converts them into added value outputs.

  4. Measuring and monitoring customer satisfaction and process performance with respect to predetermined accepted criteria ensures effectiveness of the quality management system.

  5. Mahoney’s Co. quality and safety departments monitors and co-ordinates with all departments to ensure the quality of the service through analyzing, correcting and follow-up of all non-conformities to achieve the required quality, also to assist in organizing work flow by customizing the quality management requirements to the needs of the required service that will lead automatically to the efficiency pursued by us.