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Latitude Longitude Time Zone UNCTAD Code
31°11'N 029°52'E GMT+2 EGALY

Approach Area

The Harbor Is Protected By Marine Rocks And 2 Break Waters While The Width Of The Entrance Is About 400 Meters And There Are Two Fairways In Between As Follows:

Dimensions Length (Meters) Width (Meters) Depth (Meters)
Big Strait 2000 220 14
Strait 1600 100 9

Port Is Divided Into Two Parts Separated By Coke Quays And Breakwater. The First Part Is Entitled The Port Or The Inner Dock While The Second Is Known By The Dock Or The Outer Part And Its Area Is 600 Hectare, Moreover The First Part Is Devoted To General Cargo Trade And The Second For Petroleum Or Bulk Cargoes. Also Pilotage Is Obligatory For Vessels Coming In Or Out Of The Port.

General Information

Port Length Nearly 4.8 Km
Custom Area Nearly 900,000 Sq. M
Customs Barrier Length 7 Km
Dock Density 1.030
Tide 1.5 Feet Above The Fixed Standard Level Of The Map
Max Depth Permitted 37 Feet ( At Container Station And Coal Quay )
Min Depth Permitted 14 Feet
Max Width 2 Km
Total Area 9600000 Sq. M
No of berths 61
Handling Capacity 23.2 Million Ton / Year

Berths And Cargoes

Containers 3
RoRo 1
Coal 4
Live Stock 1
General Cargo 27
Grains 3
Military 3
Passengers 4
Oil & Petrol 5
Cement 2
Wood 3
Fertilizers 2
Ship’s Repair (Alex Arsenal) 2
Molases 1

Storage Areas

Ore Coal Containers General Cargo Refrigerated Cargo
Approx 64,616 Sq. M Approx 402,306.68 Sq. M Approx 155,905 Sq. M Approx 86,136 Sq. M Approx 3,760 Sq. M
Latitude Longitude Time Zone UNCTAD Code
31°8'N 029°49'E GMT+2 EGEDK

General Information

Total Area 6 sq M
Handling Capacity 12,75 Million Ton/Year
No Of Berths 16
Min Draft 12m
Max Draft 20m
Port Length 3.65 Km
Total Yards Area 869000 Sq M
Latitude Longitude Time Zone UNCTAD Code
28°31'N 045°31'E GMT+2 EGDAM

Damietta Is A First Class Transshipment Port ,Which Can Accommodate The New Generation Of Large Container Vessels (6,000 Tues And More ).Due To The Deep Draft 14.5 m. And The Modern Stevedoring Equipments The Port Possess. In Addition To This, Vessels Can Enter And Leave The Port Any Time without Any Restrictions, So Vessels Transiting The Suez Canal Can Use Damietta Port Without Any Deviation Which Saves Quiet A Lot Of Time For Main Liners.

Approach Area

Canal entrance : The canal is 11.3 km long and 300 m wide, this gradually decreases until it reaches 250 m at water break and 15 m depth.

Water Break

The western water break is 1640 m long, 140 m are in land and 1500 m in the sea. The Eastern water break is 738 long, 200 in land and 538 m in the sea.

Barge channel

It consists of two ports one is 1350 m that links the barges dock to the sea and other is 3750 m that links to the dock to the Nile branch. The area of the barge dock is 250 x 250 m and it is equipped with a berth of 250 m long where water depth is 5 m deep. Diameter of the rotation dock is 500 m and its depth is 14.5 m in front of the containers berth and 12 m in front the general cargo berths.

General Information

Tide Two feet above the constant level of the map
Total Area 9,3 sq km
Land area 6.2 sq km
Water area 3.1 sq km
Dock density 1.030
Capacity 5.6 million ton yearly

Berths And Cargoes

Type No Of Berths Max Draft
General cargo 8 berths 12.0 m
containers 4 berths 14.5 m
Barges berth 1 berths N/A
grains 2 berths 14.5 m

Storage Areas

General Cargo Containers Refrigerated Cargo
Approx 18,500 Sq. M Approx 265,280 Sq. M Approx 147,000 Sq. M
Latitude Longitude Time Zone UNCTAD Code
31°16'N 032°19'E GMT+2 EGPSD

Port Said is Considered As A Crossing Gate Between East And West Being The Northern Entrance Of Suez Canal.

Ports Under Jurisdiction Of Port Said Port Authority:
Port Said Port, El Arish Port, and East Port Said Port (Under Development).

Approach Area

Waterways: 459 Feet Wide And 12.5 To 13 Meters Deep.
Water breaks: The Suez Canal Entrance Leading To The Port Is Protected By Two Water breaks, The Eastern Water break Is Approximately 3.5 Miles Long While The Western Is Approximately 1.5 Miles Long.

General Information

Entrance Vessels Enter The Port Through The Suez Canal Whether From Its Northern Or Southern Entrances
Dock Density 1.030
Total Capacity 4.9 Million Ton Yearly

Berths And Cargoes

Type No Of Berths Max Draft
Multipurpose 2 12.8 M
Container 1 14.0 M
Grains 2 12.8 M
General Cargo 2 08.2 M
RoRo 1 12.0 M
Passengers 2 10.0 M
Lighters 7 03.6 M

Total Storage Area For General Cargo:106,000 Sq.M.

Latitude Longitude Time Zone UNCTAD Code
29°58'N 032°33'E GMT+2 EGSUZ

Approach Area

Ships Usually Berth In The Waiting Area., Ships Whose Draft Exceeds 11.28m, Can Enter The Port During The Tide Only On Condition That The Draft Does Not Exceed 12.19m

Dock Density 1.030
Max Draft 8.23 M
Total Capacity 1,5 Million Tons General Cgo,8 Milion Tons Petrolium And Oil Products,1,5 Million Passaengers (Mostly To Saudi Arabia )
Land Area 314426 Sqm
Yard Areas 24291 Sqm

General Information

Suez Port Is Playing An Important Role In Both Cargo Handling And Suez Canal Transit Operations, Where It Is Situated On The Southern End Of Suez Canal, Approximately 170 Km South Of Port Said.

Berths And Cargoes

Suez Port(Port Tawfick) Consists Of 3 Basins:

  • The Trade Basin

    Located In The Northern Part Of The Port ,With Average Draft Of 27 Ft,Quay Length Of 1250 M, Consists Of 8 Berthes Used For Both General Cargo And Passengers.

  • Ship Yard Basin (El Tersanah)

    Located In The Southern Part Of The Port, Average Draft Of 24 Ft, Quay Length Of 1080 M, The Terminal Is Connected To The Suez Shipyard Basin, This Terminal Contains Three Berthes For General Cargo And One Berth For Ship’s Repairs.

  • Petrolium Basin

    Located At The Western Part Of The Port, With Average Draft Of 24 Ft, Consists Of Five Berthes For Tankers Up To 14,000 Tons And One Outer Deep Berth Of 38 Ft For Tankrs Up To 40,000 Tons.

Storage Areas Of 17,767 Sq.M. As Follows

Cement 5,472 Sq.M
Tobacco 2,180 Sq.M
General Cargo 10,115 Sq.M
Open Storge Area 23,000 Sq.M
Areas For Containers 5,000 Sq.M. Approximately
Areas For Cars 2,500 Sq.M. Approximately
Latitude Longitude Time Zone UNCTAD Code
29°32'N 032°24'E GMT+2 EGAIS

General Information

Ain Sokhna , located about 40 km south of Suez on the Red Sea , the Egyptian government has allocated 9,000 hectares of land for economic and industrial development. This area is referred to as the Sues special Economic Zone (S.S.E.Z.) ,In the direct vicinity of this industrial development, the Sokhna port and logistic center is under development, offering excellent deep – sea port facilities for the handling of liquids and bulk cargo, containers, break–bulk and general cargoes. The port is built at an excellent location on the coast of the gulf of Suez, with Cairo located some 130 km to the west. The new port will provide the necessary interface for import and export cargo flows, serving the Suez Special Economic Zone as well as the Red Sea area and the Greater Cairo Region. Operations in the port will start in 2002 . To be able to met the cargo handling demands in the future , a Masterplan has been developed that shows the development of the Sokhna port up to 2020.