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    1946 – 1956

    Mahoney’s Co. was established on the year 1946 as an individual institution for it's owner and manager Mr. Abdel Kadder El Akkad with a denotation name of “Mahoney’s Co.” to provide simple marine services for the foreign vessels calling Alexandria port.


    1956 – 1966

    Another value added to Mahoney’s Co. values at the year 1956, was importing labours for discharging and loading operations for American flag vessels that was served by the company during this time. Also, the company established tug boats service to serve ship’s handling operations and to transport the crew of the vessels at anchorage area of Alexandria port.

    Also, the company held permanent contracts for different marine services with the following shipping lines:

    • American Export Lines                                          
    • Lykes Bros Steamship Inc.

    1967 – 1982

    This interim was a transition period for the company, when the American vessels stopped operations at the Egyptian ports cause of June War. This pushed the company to shrink its services until the end of October war at the year 1973.

    On 1974 the American lines took the decision to recall the Egyptian ports, thus the company resumed once again providing its services, indeed new contracts with other American lines like:

    • Farrell lines Inc.                                                   
    • American President Lines

    The company built her own barges to lighten the vessels tonnage at the anchorage area before its berthing alongside the piers. Also, the company built tug boats specialized for the towages operations (To tow barges from vessels to piers and vise versa).

    On 1976 the individual institution of Mahoney’s Co. has been transferred into “Mahoney Shipping and Marine Services”.


    1982 – 1988

    Since the company had the precession in dealing with HI – TECH concept of LASH system (Lighters Aboard Ship), the company provided towage services for the discharged barges from the lash vessels at waiting area outside the port to discharging / loading piers and return it back either empty or loaded with export cargo to vessels, thus within the company’s know how it succeeded to held permanent contracts for all lash vessels operations at Alexandria and Damietta ports.

    Our major clients were:

    •  Central Gulf                                    
    • Waterman Steamship Inc.
    •  Lykes lines (See Bee)             
    •  Prudential Lines Inc.
    • Danube shipping co.

    On March 1983 from this year, corporate leadership was handed over to Capt. Mohamed El Akkad as Chairman & CEO, at that time the company became the special owner representative for Prudential lines – USA “Specialized at barges and containers handling”.

    On January 1987, Eng. Ahmed El Akkad joined Mahoney’s Co.  top management.


    1988 – 1995

    January 1989 was the first step of expanding Mahoney’s Co. activities by including the sea transport service to and from Egypt through ports prospect on the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, and north Europe, thus Mahoney’s Co. operated the service with two owned general cargo vessels of DWT of 3600 Tons & 7600 tones respectively to join Mahoney’s Co. fleet of tug boats and barges, in addition to chartered fleet to cover trade market’s requirements.

    On January 1992, the appearance of containerization revolution and the company with its experience of handling containers onboard break bulk ships it was appreciated to hold a contract with both of Alexandria and dekhila container terminals to perform lashing & unlashing operations for all container vessels at both terminals.



    According to the company’s scope for the globalization concept and Egypt joining the international competition, it was a must for the company to reach up with its managerial performance according to the international standards, that’s was by preparing the company and its managerial system according to international specifications ISO9002.

    By July of this year the company has achieved the document of compliance of the international specifications ISO9002 putting itself at the same level with the international companies having the same international document.



    By June of this year the company’s legal frame has changed from a limited liability company to an Egyptian Joint Stock Company under the name of “Mahoney Shipping and Marine Services”.

    And by this time the company held ship agency contracts for the following lines in Egypt:

    • Waterman steamship Corp. (USA)
    • LMS Ship Management Inc. (USA)
    • Eastern salt Co. (USA)
    • Transportation Data Inc. (USA)
    • Team Ship A/S (Denmark)


    When the International Maritime Organization had issued the international regulations for the safe operation of trading vessels at sea, International Code of safety ISM was a must for managers of general cargo and container vessels to implement the code and gain the document of compliance for the safety code (DOC for management), (CMC for vessels) before May 2002.

    Mahoney’s Co. was devoted to have the precession to apply and commit to the international regulations before the approach of its time.



    Since the start of the twenty first century, Mahoney announced the commitment to offer all clients first rate services:

    • Domestic Feeder Service “Scheduled, Developed & Unique”
    • Shipping Agency “Professional, Competitive, Transparent & added value”
    • Port services “Qualified, Equipped & Experienced”


    We are targeting to operate a third vessel of 2000 TEUS or more; Also, after our concentration on Mediterranean, our plans are to open feeder service in the Red Sea.